Are you using your website to the fullest?

Before coming to the topic, I want you to ask a question for yourself “Is the objective of creating your website fulfilled?” If yes leave now as your time will be wasted but if no, then this is for you.

·  People create the website with an intention of reaching the potential clients and customers around the globe and contribute to the growth and expansion of the business but most of the websites fail.

·  Owning a company’s website is like having the best sales representative working 24x7x365 days but most of the websites are either under-utilized or not at all utilized.

To understand the reasons for the above points you must know the actual potential of your website:

1. Reach the unimaginable: If an alien in space is using “WWW” through his internet then your website can make you reach it too. That’s the true potential of a website.

2. 24x7x365 days Virtual walk-in store: What do you prefer to browse a product walk-in to a physical store spending your personal time and fuel expenses or laying on your bed and scrolling down the products through a website at any time of your life.

3. Limelight: You become popular and get the much-needed recognition as it reaches wider number of audience.

4. Light in the dark: It helps the customers to get the proper knowledge of your company and product.

5. Two-way highway: Information and communication exchange can be done in both the ways.

6. Catch the fish in the ocean of opportunities: A website is a perfect medium where you can get the business as it increases your credibility and trust through chats and feedbacks for both long term clients and short-term customers.

7. Brand credibility: A website portrays the reflection of your brand. It communicates the true meaning and purpose of your brand to the visitors. By the way Is your brand communicating with your users?

These are the advantages of having a website, yet many websites fail due to many reasons:

1.      Poor Promotion: Website can reach the unimaginable but in order to reach them they should know that your website actually exists. Most of the company’s do not promote their website due to this reason the purpose of website is not fulfilled.

2. Need for speed: You only have 3 seconds to grab the attention of the visitor. If your page load speed is slow then you lost a customer forever.

3. Non-creative design: As mentioned earlier your website should grab the attention of the customer. If there is no creative design and poor structure, then your website drains your money without serving you the need.

4. Non-optimization: If your website is not optimized for Google and mobile phones then just believe that your website does not exist. Bitter but truth. SEO is a mandate for the survival of your website.

5. Links lead to nowhere: The back-up links which you attach should be fully functional without any break. A broken website is a disaster.

6. No action is only a fiction: A proper call to action should be provided. If there is no such button, then people just read your blog and leave as they don’t know how to proceed further.

7. No strategy is a tragedy: A website construction is not about placing information and logos. It is about placing them at the right spots with a content which can trigger the visitor to explore more. Most of the websites fails to do so.

Here’s what you need to do to use the website to the fullest:

Promote by social media: Use social media as a medium to reach your targeted audience. It is rightly said if you are not in social media then you are extinct. You can also use other marketing channels like Pay per click, email marketing.

Increase speed: Your website should load instantly when someone clicks your website. Browser cache and images should be optimized, files should be compressed and there should not be a slow hosting server.

Google and mobile friendly: In order to make your website Google and mobile friendly you need to work hard on SEO optimization, and it should be compatible to various viewing screens.

Work on design: Your design should be simple enough for the visitors to understand the information and creative enough to grab the attention.

Hire a professional: If you are not aware of how to achieve the above website goals just hire a professional who develops the website with a strategy to make you reach your website goal and ultimately leads to your company goal.

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